Feel the vitality of western waterscape–European bronze fountain

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With the improvement of people’s living standards, various European bronze fountains are very common in people’s lives. The biggest feature of bronze fountain sculptures is that they are attractive enough to enhance people’s aesthetics, set off the environment, and make them more vivid. . The European bronze fountain not only beautifies the environment but also makes people enjoy it. The fountain can not only reflect the hardness of sculptures but also show the soft beauty of water. They are clean and delicate, bright and charming; in addition to having high ornamental and aesthetic value, they can also In the process of reciprocating water jets, the air is purified and the quality of life is improved. Nowadays, there are European bronze fountains in many tourist attractions, custom-made bronze fountains, feel the power of the water in front of you, your eyes seem to fly over what you see, and go all over the world, making people feel the charming of Western water sculptures inadvertently.

The historical development and characteristics of European bronze fountain:

European countries have different historical environments and religious beliefs from Eastern countries since ancient times and have their own unique customs. The elegant living environment, quiet country lanes, majestic Gothic churches, and vast squares allow every visitor to deeply feel the unique charm of Europe. The European bronze fountains of various sizes and shapes are an indispensable and important element in the architectural art of European countries. Fountains in Europe originated very early. Fountains were built in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in the 6th century BC. During the Renaissance, fountain technology developed greatly. In this period, the redundant statues, pillars, and pools of the fountain were combined with landscaping, and at the same time, they became a kind of artistic sculpture.

The European bronze fountain pursues the beauty of power and dynamics, so many sculptures are frozen at the moment when they are moving, and their movements are lifelike. This is also inseparable from the various new ideas and new designs of the masters in the Renaissance. The European bronze fountain has a peculiar design and a unique technique. The European figures in the fountain have different appearances, either quiet or public, and are lifelike as if they are about to come out of the fountain. Through the different performances of the characters, the European bronze fountain itself and Its outstanding vitality.

What are the famous European bronze fountains?

Fountain of Apollo

The Fountain of Apollo is a European bronze fountain in the Palace of Versailles. It depicts the Greek sun god Apollo rising from the sea on his four-horse chariot at dawn. He was accompanied by Tritons. At that time, Louis XIV, who claimed to be the “Sun King”, had the domineering domineering style of the world. He regarded himself as the sun god Apollo of that era, and when André Le Nôtre renovated the best palace garden European bronze fountain in 1662, it was inspired by the Roman sun The sight of God rising from the sea across the sky in a golden car at dawn. The shape is magnificent and eye-catching. It is composed of a group of statues such as a frothy horse, a whale, and a triton with a garland of water spray horns. The fountain stands at the source of the mile-long canal, making the palace garden seem endless.

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Goslar’s market fountain

One of the famous landmarks in Goslar is the market fountain, which is located on the market square and is also the center of the entire city of Goslar. There are many mysterious legends about this European bronze fountain. Some people say that this was a place where people communicated with demons. In modern times, this fountain was used as a wake-up call for fires and wars. Hit the base of the fountain with a hammer and a loud noise will be made. The voice was so loud that even the miners working in the deepest mine in Fort Raimmels could hear it, and then the miners would know the danger and escape immediately. At first glance, the market fountain looks like a one-time artifact, but in reality, it is a complicated puzzle. The base of the fountain dates back to the 12th century. It is a Roman-style copper casting. The upper part of the European bronze fountain was originally an independent fountain, about 100 years later than the base. Even the eagle at the top of the fountain is made up of objects from different eras: the eagle’s body was built in the 13th century, and the eagle’s crown was from the 18th century.

Gefion Fountain (3)

Goslar’s market fountain

Gefion Fountain (1)
Gefion Fountain (2)
Gefion Fountain (7)

Gefion Fountain

People cast the fountain of Gifion based on the myth of the goddess of Norse mythology, Gifion. The European bronze fountain Goddess Jefion holds the plow in her left hand and the whip in her right hand. She drives four bronze bulls struggling to plow the plow. The nostrils of the copper cow splashed and condensed into the mist. After the plow, the fountain was turbulent and resembled a falling waterfall. Following the slope of the road, the platform base was surrounded by granite extending along the slope to form a pool. All the spring water gathered in the pool. There is a copper-cast giant python coiled on each side of the pool, and two fountains on the left and right, direct injection of bronze bulls. The entire structure of the European bronze fountain is magnificent and the scenery is magnificent, attracting thousands of tourists every year.

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Goslar's market fountain (7)
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Which European bronze fountains can be customized at Aongking?

Our sculptor has a lot of research on the European bronze fountains. We can customize various types of fountains, which can be roughly divided into three categories. Figure fountain, animal fountain, and modern art fountain. There are many styles of character fountains for you to choose from. Characters in mythology, mermaids in the deep sea, lively children, or modern and fashionable character sculptures can all be combined with fountains to show the beauty of Western art. In addition to the beautiful meaning of the animal fountain, it can also make your environment as vibrant as nature, galloping horses, jumping dolphins fountain, and simple European bronze fountains. Abstract shapes, atmospheric design. Let you pursue the simplest comfort in life.

peeing boy bronze fountain (2)

peeing boy bronze fountain

Triton fountain

Triton fountain

Elegant bronze fountain

Elegant bronze fountain

European bronze fountain

Dolphin man bronze fountain

Features of Aongking customized European bronze fountain:

1. Fine workmanship. The more obvious feature of the European bronze fountain is its exquisite craftsmanship, unique casting craftsmanship, and various details of the production can be seen. These sculptures are made by hand, so they can make many unique shapes. The existence of the European bronze fountain not only beautifies the city but is also a work of art.
2. High aesthetics and artistry. Compared with other types of fountains, the aesthetics and artistry of sculpture are greatly improved. The combination of bronze material and sculpture shape adds aesthetic performance.
3. Create a different character image. In addition to the material casting process of the European bronze fountain, the customized European bronze fountain will also create different characteristics according to the characteristics of the environment and surrounding buildings. Therefore, when the European bronze fountain is made, it needs to be matched with the environment to make people feel right. The enjoyment of beauty has a deeper experience.

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