ancient Egyptian statues

As one of the four ancient civilizations, ancient Egypt has a long history and culture. A fascinating part of ancient Egyptian culture was sculpture art. Especially in mysterious kings’ sculptures. Egyptian statues have made many amazing artworks. Do you want to own a bronze Egyptian statues sculpture?

Before choosing Egyptian statues sculpture. Aongking should know some Egyptian statues details little main. The general feature of ancient Egyptian sculpture is “the front”. “The front” refers to the appearance of the person, the head on the side, eyes on the front, the shoulders and the body on the front, and the waist down on the side. This method of expression is used to deal with the image of the characters, in order to make people’s image more prominent and complete. Ancient Egyptian sculptures are made of various materials and of different sizes. They made huge statues of rulers man and figurines (Shabtis), which were placed in the graves that represented the workers of the afterlife who were buried with them. Huge sculptures such as the Sphinx and the Giant Menon are among Egypt’s most famous works of art.

Aongking can customize any size and design Egyptian statues for you. Whether a huge one or a life-size one. It will become an immortal Egypt HAND-MADE art sculpture for you from ours. We have professional casting and factories with many years of experience in “the lost wax method” for 13000+ pieces of sculpture. Our sculptures adopt exquisite shape design. In other words, our sculpture can embody the hair of a pharaoh. A good patina color you like for your sculpture. Let you enjoy the ancient civilization and culture at the same time, and return to the warmth of nature. Browse our wide selection of Egyptian statues, take you to see more about ancient Egyptian…