garden ornaments metal deer

Garden ornaments metal deer

White Tail deer statue

White tail deer statue

Red deer stag sculpture

Red deer stag sculpture

sculpture deer

Sculpture deer

Deer statue

Deer statues are alive! They look like it but actually it’s bronze. This grazing deer is lifesize and beautifully handcrafted. One of our most popular eye-catching bronze deer. See the whole collection – click the link in Aongking.

In the design process of more than 100 deer sculptures. Aongking designers in the process of space work conception. It’s not just about establishing the dominant position of deer. More importantly, the different life habits of the deer should endow the deer sculpture with cultural connotation and artistic sense. It is a fine deer sculpture. For example, fawn and mommy deer together are the representatives of affection. Sculptures of two fighting stags represent the emotions of the struggle between the strong and so on. The idea of emotion is very important in sculpture. It’s not just the essence of design. And can make deer statues’ work with personalized, professional, and distinctive effects. Use the emotional animal sculpture as decoration. Sculpture artwork and the environment will be more closely connected together.

Aongking will also pay attention to the characteristics of interaction except the emotional. For example, the interaction between a child and a deer sculpture. Aongking would suggest a smaller size for the bronze deer sculpture on the side of the zoo. Let the children visiting the zoo can play together with the deer sculpture. This is another bright spot in the sculpture design of Aongking Deer. The deer statues are the medium. Let the installation environment interact with the crowd. This is the deeper value of sculpture as decoration. Sculpture works can bring the presence of nature and human interaction closer. It will better remind us of our closeness to the natural environment. The environmental construction and sculpture design are effectively coordinated and integrated. This idea, before you customize the sculpture. Aongking designers will take this into account. Therefore, Aongking with emotional sculpture works. In its valuable position, it will highlight its value and significance. Aongking also has more other deer statues for you to choose from. Aongking can also customize any sculpture for you.