customized classical marble figrue statue,outdoor garden David sculptures

outdoor garden sculptures
NO.: AK-(1080)
MATERIAL: Marble,granite,sandstone etc.
SIZE: Life size or custom made depends on your prefer.
TECHNOLOGY: Handcarved and polished.
COLOR : White  (Other colour is also available).
PACKING: Generally soft and waterproof plastic inside,wooden cases box for outside.

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Outdoor garden sculptures has the memorial and the inheritance significance for our . Outdoor garden sculptures – Options elements – religion and history :
Firstly option 1 / Stone art is not only a record of modern memory. Likewise ,it has inherited the historical memory of a long time ago . During,our people beautify their homes . And, let us enrich our lives. Consequently,we choosed stone as decorations. Nature has endowed us with natural stone . Its have a variety of colors .Texture . With natural beauty.
Secondly option 2 / We human has civilization and country. Countries in order to make cities beautiful.? Luxuriant. Grandiose … On the other hand,they bulit some city gardens , And ,stone memorial stones . Moreover,since we are understand some simple carving techniques . The stone developed into an urban sculptures . Garden sculpture. Memorial sculpture .War sculptures . Mythological sculpture and so on.
Further option 3 / People learned more about stones knowledges . Meanwhile,the classification of stones is also enriched. So,marble and granite carvings have never been more popular. Artists carved with a lot of story in stone . And,maked more rare stone artworks . For example, religious gods, statues of famous people . Stone art in the inheritance. Take that long period of stone history. Carves it in all kinds of stones . Let stone-works remember history story .And , remember of artists’s DECOR ideas .
In short . Historical art brings us much knowledge. Often in a large buildings. Art-carves contains two or more kinds of stone carves-art. Importantly ,religious stone carvings. For example, often contain statues of saints figures. Christ sculptures . Historical stone carvings . A statue of Beethoven. The Goddess of victory . And so on.. A variety of stone arts . That is to say, they complement each other with our life . The decorations is integrated . Form a complete set of stone group art . The significance of its commemoration and inheritance is extremely high for us.