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lord shiva marble statue
Description: Shiva is a Hindu triple god with Brahma and Vishnu. The ancestor of Shiva is the beast god of reproduction and The Vedic storm god Rudra of the Indus Civilization. Shiva’s status is that of the destroyer, with a dual character of reproduction and destruction, creation and destruction. Take a look at our sitting Lord Shiva marble statue. He rides a cyan bull, wears a necklace of snakes and skeletons around his neck, is covered in the ashes of the dead, and is accompanied by hordes of demons when he appears. This Lord Shiva marble statue is popular with people.
NO.: AK-(M707)
MATERIAL: Marble, granite, sandstone.
SIZE: Lifesize or custom-made depends on your preference.
TECHNOLOGY:  Handcarved and polished.
PACKING: Generally soft and waterproof plastic inside, wooden cases box for outside.
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Lord Shiva Marble Statue Details Description:

Behind the cold exterior, Shiva has a poignant love story

Years of solitude had made Shiva withdrawn, straight and ill-tempered, and difficult to get along with. But the presence of his wife, Sati, begins to soften and humanize the stiff Shiva. But Sati’s father Dhartha still did not approve of their being together. After many twists and turns, they finally got married, but Sati’s father had bad blood with Shiva ever since. At a ceremony, Dharshas invited all the gods but not Shiva. Sadie broke into the altar and began to argue with her father. Enraged, Satie lost her mind and burned herself to death in public at the grand ceremony. Shiva heard the news of his wife’s death like a mad bull. Armed with all his weapons, he rode to the meeting on a blue bull. Shiva, with her fierce, angry face and the loss of her beloved wife, struck fear into all the gods as never before. Dhara was beheaded by angry Shiva. Covered in blood, Shiva hugged his wife and laughed to the sky. At that moment, the last flicker of light in his darkness disappeared, and his spiritual support collapsed. After waking up, Shiva, still obsessed with the sight of his beloved wife, took her body from the fire and called her name, and began to wander the world… The sad love story of Shiva and his wife always moves me. Every time I see the Lord Shiva marble statue, I think of his love story with his wife. Love is an ancient topic, and we have many beautiful love sculptures for you to choose from.

Shiva sculpture

Shiva sculpture

The dance of Shiva and cultural symbolism

According to a modern concept of history and ideological evolution, human thought is from primitive witchcraft to polytheism, to monotheism, to science and philosophy. The iconology related to the evolution of this thought is correspondingly from the strange image of primitive witchcraft to the rational image of polytheistic religion, to the abstract image of monotheistic religion. In both respects, the dance of Shiva is both a grotesque image (three eyes and four arms) associated with primitive witchcraft and a polytheistic thought. Therefore, the image of the Dance of Shiva as a symbol of Indian culture poses a series of troubles to the world. But it is these troubles that allow us to understand Indian culture from its own perspective. In this sense, the dance of Shiva takes on a deeper meaning. We have not seen the real image of Shiva, you may often imagine a penetrating image in your mind. Our Lord Shiva marble statue can bring the image of Shiva to you. We also have many other Greek God sculptures waiting for you to choose from. Welcome to contact us.

famous Shiva sculpture

famous Shiva sculpture

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Visual Production Flow

1. Confirming the detailed pictures with clients.
2. Make a model depends on the pictures.
3. Carving exact marble sculpture according to client’s photos/ fiberglass model.
4. Polishing the surface.
5. Take all different views pictures/ videos, show them to clients…
6. Packing into wooden cases after clients are satisfied with sculptures.

More detailed fabrication details of different styles

marble sculpture

marble sculpture

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging: Inside: soft plastic foam/ blanket.
Outside: strong wooden cases or iron frame boxes.
Shipping: 1. By sea (Special for life-size sculptures and large sculptures).
2. By air (Special for small sculptures or when clients need the sculpture very urgently).
3. By express delivery DHL, TNT, UPS, or FedEx. (Door-to-door delivery, about 3-7 days can reach).
4. Door-to-door service.
Please kindly contact us! We will depend on your sculpture and local situation, find the best delivery way for your reference.

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