Outdoor Public City Giant Standing Fiberglass Geometric Giraffe Sculptures for Urban Landscape

Fiberglass Geometric Giraffe Sculptures
Description: Fiberglass geometric giraffe sculptures are a mesmerizing embodiment of the harmony between nature and mathematical precision. These striking works of art seamlessly blend the grace and majesty of giraffes with the intricacies of geometric forms, creating an awe-inspiring visual experience. These sculptures typically stand tall and proud, capturing the essence of these graceful creatures in a way that’s both artistic and intellectual.
NO.: AK-(M1472)
MATERIAL: Fiberglass.
SIZE: Life Size Or Custom Made Depends On Your Prefer.
TECHNOLOGY: Colorful Painting/Metallic Painting/Chrome.
PACKING: Wooden Cases/Iron Boxes

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Fiberglass Geometric Giraffe Sculptures Details Description:

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