Outdoor Landmark Standing Life-Size Popular Famous Singer Star Bronze Freddy Mercury Sculpture

Bronze Freddy Mercury Sculpture
Description: A bronze Freddy Mercury sculpture would likely depict the legendary singer in a dynamic and charismatic pose, capturing his powerful stage presence. He might be shown with one arm raised as if engaging with the audience during one of his electrifying performances. Freddie’s flamboyant style and signature stage outfits would also be an essential part of the sculpture. He was known for his unique fashion sense, including elaborate costumes, capes, and tight-fitting pants. The bronze Freddy Mercury sculpture might portray him wearing one of his iconic stage outfits, like the white tank top and blue jeans from the Live Aid performance or the yellow military-style jacket from the “I Want to Break Free” music video.
NO.: AK-(M1415)
MATERIAL: Bronze/ Brass.
SIZE: Life-size or custom-made depends on your preference.
TECHNOLOGY: Lost-wax casting process.
PACKING: Generally soft and waterproof plastic inside, wooden cases/ iron box for outside.

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Bronze Freddy Mercury Sculpture Details Description:

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